St. Louis disability lawyer helps Missouri residents obtain Social Security disability benefits.

“Will I be approved for Social Security disability benefits?” This is the question that I am asked most often in my role as a St. Louis disability lawyer.  For most Missouri applicants, the question is hard to answer.  It is not easy to predict how the Social Security Administration will rule unless you have an extreme loss of function or terminal condition.  But you don’t need a catastrophic condition to get Missouri Social Security disability benefits.

To be approved for benefits, you must satisfy Social Security’s very technical definition of “disability.”  The most important consideration is whether you are unable to work. If you can no longer do your job because of an illness or injury, you could be eligible for benefits.  I invite you to get a free evaluation of your claim by contacting my St. Louis disability law firm.

If you have already applied for disability benefits and your application has been denied, do not give up.  Contact our St. Louis disability attorney to get your appeal underway.  You should know that over 60 percent of initial applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied.  But the odds of obtaining benefits improve substantially for those who appeal.  Failing to appeal is probably the biggest mistake applicants for Missouri Social Security disability benefits make.

The Social Security application and appeals process is often long and frustrating. The Social Security Administration has many complicated rules and procedures. As a knowledgeable and compassionate St. Louis disability lawyer, I can be your advocate.  I will guide your claim through the system so that you can concentrate on the important task of caring for yourself.

Impairments handled by my St. Louis disability law firm

As an experienced St. Louis disability lawyer, I represent claimants with all types of medical conditions, including:

Back pain and back injuries
Heart disease
Ulcerative colitis
Crohn’s disease
Kidney disease
Parkinson’s disease
Cerebral palsy
Multiple sclerosis
Traumatic brain injury
Bi-polar disorder
Other mental disorders

Get help from a St. Louis disability lawyer

If you retain me as your St. Louis disability lawyer, I will represent you with vigor, compassion, and experience. I know the physical, emotional, and financial hardship that a severe impairment can bring. I understand that Social Security disability benefits are often a financial necessity.  To learn more about what my St. Louis disability law firm can do for you, see How we can help.

If you would like an evaluation of your case, please describe your claim using the form to the left, and I will respond promptly. Or you may contact me.

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