How my St. Louis disability law firm can help you


At my disability law firm, St. Louis and other eastern Missouri and southern Illinois residents will find skilled, dedicated, and compassionate representation. My firm has an outstanding reputation for representing claimants at all levels of the disability process. I know that pursuing a claim for disability benefits is often a long and exhausting process. You need not undertake it alone.

Claimants who have disability lawyers are more likely to be approved for benefits than those who do not. Why? A St. Louis disability attorney will know what type of evidence is needed to prove your claim and how to obtain it. A St. Louis disability attorney will often be able to develop your evidence more completely than disability examiners at the state agency who must process many applications under time pressure.

If you hire me as your St. Louis disability lawyer, I will meet with you to learn the details of your impairment and how it affects you. I will take the time to explain the disability application and appeal process to you and to answer your questions.

If you haven’t yet applied, my staff can file your application for you. And if your claim has been denied, we will file your appeals.

I will develop a plan to win your case and a theory that explains why you are disabled. I will review your Social Security file to see what evidence Social Security has already obtained. Then I will gather any additional evidence needed to support your claim including medical, school, and work records.

I will work to obtain written opinions from your doctors. Social Security considers written opinions from your treating doctors very seriously. But many doctors do not know how to prepare good opinons. I can educate your doctor to provide the information Social Security needs for your particular case.

I will advise you if I think you need further medical examination or testing. You may have symptoms that are not explained by your current diagnosis and that have never been evaluated by the right type of specialist or medical test.

I will advise you whether you ought to be assessed by a vocational expert. A report from a vocational expert on your ability to work and what jobs, if any, you still can do is valuable evidence of your disability.

I will prepare for you for your hearing. I will meet with you well in advance of your hearing to explain what you can expect. I will review with you the questions you are likely to be asked and advise you on how to describe your pain and limitations effectively so the judge can fully appreciate why you cannot work. I will be with you at your hearing to argue your case, question witnesses, and protect your rights.

If necessary, I can appeal your case further to the Appeals Council or even to federal court.

What qualifications should you look for in your St. Louis disability lawyer?

You want a lawyer who knows Social Security disability law and keeps up with the latest developments that may affect your claim. Social Security disability law is voluminous and changes often. That’s why you should hire an experienced St. Louis disability attorney. I have substantial experience representing clients before the Social Security Administration.

You want someone who will meet with you personally and who will listen to you. I will spend enough time with you to learn the key facts about your medical history and work problems. This information is essential to prepare a plan to win your case.

St. Louis disability lawyer offers assistance

If you do not already have a St. Louis disability attorney and would like me to evaluate your claim, give me a brief description of your claim using the form to right, and I will respond promptly.St. Louis Missouri Disability Lawyer

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