Hearing Testimony: Your Residual Functional Capacity

One of the primary issues in a Social Security disability hearing concerns your residual functional capacity (RFC).  The judge will be very interested in learning more about your capacity to work and function on a day-to-day basis; and accordingly, he or she will elicit testimony from you in that regard.  A well-informed St. Louis Social Security disability attorney can assist you with preparing your testimony.

With respect to the possible questions that a judge might ask, it is important for you to remember to base your estimates on eight hours a day/five days a week for approximately 50 weeks per year. It would be wise for you to also provide examples of the limitations that stem from your disability.

For instance, there are many questions that a judge may pose to you with regard to your ability to sit throughout the day.  For example, the judge will be curious about whether you have any problems in general with sitting, and if so, how long can you sit at one time throughout the day?  Moreover, if pain restricts your tolerance to sit, the judge may ask you to describe the changes in the amount and intensity of the pain, as well as the way the pain feels.

Also, be sure to think about what occurs when you attempt to sit for too long.  Do you have any sitting limitations such that you have to sit in a certain chair when driving or riding in a vehicle?  If you need the services of a St. Louis Social Security disability attorney, please contact us for a free consultation..